5-days to decide

Help to make a decision.

You want to move to France, but you're not sure if fFreelancing is an option for you. The Let's Freelance in France Challenge helps you find or refine your idea, visualise yourself in France, check rules that may impact your project, outline your 1st simple business plan, and make a decision.

Who is it for?

Let's Freelance in France is for you if:

  • You’re thinking about or have decided to move to France.

  • You’re wondering whether freelancing is an option for you.

  • You don't know which key elements to consider to make your decision.

  • You are an employee, pre-retired, self-employed or off work in your country.


Course curriculum

    1. Bienvenue

    2. Quick tour

    1. Your ideal life in France

    2. Day 1 Workbook

    1. Brainstorming Ideas

    2. Day 2 Workbook

    3. 100 Business Ideas

    1. Rules & Money Matters

    2. Regulated Activities List

    3. Personal Budget Sheet

    1. Simple Business Plan

    2. 2-Page Business Plan Template

    1. Final touches & Decisions

About this course

  • Free
  • 13 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


What will you gain from this free 5 day challenge?

  • Identity 2 to 3 ideas that you could do as a freelancer. Choose the one that gets you excited.

  • Check French rules & visa options that could impact your project.

  • Use a simple 2-page business plan to clarify your project.

  • Spend 1 hour per day to watch the video & work on your project.

About your instructor

Valerie Aston

Valerie is a business advisor specialised in small businesses in France. She worked as a business advisor to French entrepreneurs for 10 years, helping them work on their business and financial plans to secure bank loans and successfully launch their businesses. From one-to-one coaching to group training she helped build hundreds of business plans. Since 2009, Valerie has been helping English speakers create and develop their business In France, so they can concentrate on running their activity and enjoy their new French lifestyle.