1 Year Group Support

  • 10-Step Roadmap

    Sort out your business postal mail and forms. Prepare your 1st invoice and manage your French bookkeeping. Learn to manage your admin with confidence.

  • Online Declarations

    Follow video guides to create your online accounts with URSSAF, Impots, Ameli, pension & training fund. Complete your 1st turnover and income tax declarations.

  • Live Support

    Monthly live Q&A sessions with Valerie for 1 year! Get FREE access to the Sart Business in France private forum. Attend live "Meet the Expert" sessions.

Intro video

Pricing options

One-off payment or 4 instalments.

Manage your business with Confidence

This group course is a mix of pre-recorded modules and live sessions every month for 1 year. Follow the step-by-step videos and checklists to help you get control over your French business

NEW:  Get Valerie's support for 12 months via monthly Zoom Q&As. As well as a year's access to the private Start Business In France forum to ask your questions in the meantime. 

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is Valerie's signature course to support new Micro Entrepreneurs and help them set up and manage their French business admin. This group gets access to extra support and resources: live Q&As, Meet the Expert sessions, and Hot Seat sessions to address their specific issues. 

The group also gets access to 2 NEW live workshops: "Business Planning for 2024" and "Business Vision" to help you develop your activity.

With Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur, you will go from feeling lost and frustrated with the French system, to being confident about handling your business papers, bookkeeping, and turnover declarations. Freeing time to focus on your new lifestyle.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from the instructor

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    4. Course Roadmap + Release schedule

    1. Recap Post Registration Process

    2. How to read your INPI documents

    3. What is Extrait KBIS & INSEE attestation

    4. Business Folders

    5. Sorting out Postal Mail

    6. BONUS - Micro Entrepreneur Setup Checklist

    7. BONUS - Micro Entrepreneur Factsheet

    1. Bank account & payment gateways

    2. Send your 1st invoice

    3. Tools for bookkeeping

    4. Insurance & top up health cover

    5. BONUS - Invoice template

    1. Tour of forms you may receive

    2. Handling CFE forms : 1447 C SD or 751 D

    3. Malakoff, Audiens, AG2R

    4. Sacem Spre - Gites B&B Shops

    5. ACRE form

    6. BONUS - Scams list

    1. Business Planning for 2024

    1. Difference between business & personal taxes

    2. Social charges explained

    3. Income tax explained

    4. VAT & other tiny taxes

    5. Checking & paying CFE tax

    6. Micro Entrepreneur Factsheet 2023-2025

About this course

  • 4 x 139€
  • 50 lessons
  • 12 hours of video content

Who is it for?

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is for you:

  • You want to be shown how to manage your Micro Entrepreneur.

  • You feel lost with the French system & endless paperwork.

  • You want to get things done the right way from the start.

  • You are about to or just registered your Micro Entrepreneur.

  • You registered up to months ago, but not sure what to do.

Customer Testimonials

“Manage your Micro Entrepreneur course has been a lifesaver in navigating my first few months in France. Valerie's course walks you through so many details, websites, forms, and requirements step-by-step, which makes it feel manageable! She explains everything clearly. The checklists she provides help you know what to look for and make sure you're not missing essential to-do items. She's available to answer questions. It's a huge relief! I can't recommend this course enough. It saved me so much stress and worry!”

Raina Willick, Personal & Professional Development Coach

“"Being a non-French speaker, finding a good Anglophone who helps in explaining things very simply with videos that you can go back to is a goldmine. I have watched the videos several times according to which stage I am in. The option to ask questions is also super helpful, as it allows you to reach out if something is still not clear or you find another issue. Undoubtedly this course was highly useful and I enjoyed the short full of information videos very much!”

Nathalie, Artistic workshops

“The course was immensely helpful. I was in an anxious fog before and now it’s clearing. I understand social charges and taxes, TVA and bookkeeping. It can be confusing and worrisome to work in another language. This course provides a set of films and guidance sheets on everything you need to know. Live sessions with accountancy, marketing and other experts and regular Q&As with Valerie and the group of participants who are working with similar concerns add great value. There were so many things about how I needed to interact with the French fiscal system that I did not understand, and now I do.”

Tracey Warr, Author, Historical fiction & Art writing

About your instructor

Valerie Aston

Valerie is a bilingual business advisor specialised in small businesses in France. She worked as a business advisor to French entrepreneurs for 10 years, helping them work on their business and financial plans to secure bank loans and successfully launch their businesses. Since 2009, Valerie has been helping English speakers prepare, create and manage their business In France, so they can concentrate on running their activity and enjoy their new French lifestyle. Every year she helps register over 100 Micro Entrepreneurs, needing guidance to stir their way through the French system. Valerie has designed two flagship courses My French Business and Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur to help expats prepare and manage their French business with confidence.


Sign up for the group course and:

  • Join a group of like-minded expat freelancers.

  • Get 12 months support with Valerie.

  • Set up your French business admin & online accounts.

  • Know how to complete your turnover & income tax declarations.

  • Have a well-oiled bookkeeping routine to follow.

  • Work on your business mindset & strategy for 2024.


Get these bonuses for joining the group session.

  • NEW :: Monthly live Q&As

    €500 value

    Get access to monthly live Q&A sessions with Valerie on Zoom. You know that your questions will get covered as they arise. Valerie will also give you Micro Entrepreneur or business updates.

  • ME Checklists + Templates

    €200 value

    Get your Micro Entrepreneur setup checklist to tick key documents as they arrive. Follow your monthly bookkeeping checklist, saving you time. Use the quote & invoice templates to check the legal information you need to add.

  • NEW : 1 year Forum access

    €130 value

    Get FREE access to the Start Business in France Forum. Ask your questions and get an answer within 48 hours. Access over 91,145 asked since 2009.


  • What's included in the course?

    Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur includes a mix of pre-recorded videos released steadily to give you time to watch them beside your work. The group session includes monthly live Q&As for 1 year, Meet the Expert sessions, 2 Business Workshops and a private Facebook group.

  • How long does the course last for?

    NEW: The group session of Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur lasts for 12 months to give you time to watch the videos, practice and get all the support whenever you need it. This gives you time to sort potential problems and questions as they arise You will keep lifetime access after that.

  • I haven't registered my Micro Entrepreneur yet, can I join?

    I recommend joining this course once you have registered your business or are about to (within the next 30 days). Otherwise, it will be too much information too early. This course in now available ALL year long, so you will always be able to join when you are ready.

  • I'm planning to come out of the Micro Entrepreneur in 2024, is it worth it?

    Manage your Micro Entrepreneur can help you prepare for 2024/2025, as we will cover the topic of becoming VAT registered and coming out of the ME. Know what are your options next and how to make your choice.

  • I've already had a business abroad before, will it help me?

    Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur will show you how to manage a French business, which is very different from a business in the UK, the US or any other country. Get the admin under control quickly and move on to your day-to-day activity.

  • How much does the course cost?

    There are 2 payment options for Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur. You can pay a one-off fee of 547€ or 4 monthly instalments of 139€. The one-off payment is slightly cheaper (hello Stripe fees...).

  • Which kind of activities does it apply to?

    Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is designed for all types of activities. Whether you are providing some services, working as a coach, translator, programmer or consultant, selling some products online, running a gite and B&B or providing manual services.

  • How long do I need to go through the course?

    I recommend booking 1 hour per week to watch the modules released in the week/fortnight and see how it applies to your business. After that, come back to the course, as and when you need it: CFE, form, VAT, income tax declaration. Believe me, you will be pleased to have this resource available!

  • I'm not interested in a group session, is this for me?

    Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is released on your personal space, so you can go through it at your own rhythm. If you don't enjoy taking part to live classes (or are busy at that time), you can opt for the self-tuition session or join the group, but just watch the replays added to the course.