Included in My French Business Course

  • 1-to-1 Coaching

    Get Valerie's support for 4 months to turn your dream project into reality. Meet up every 2 weeks on Zoom and debrief on your progress. Get Valérie's input and collaborate on tougher subjects.

  • French System & Rules

    Know the rules that may impact your project. Get a clear overview of the French legal structures, taxes and business visas. Finally, understand how to choose the right setup for your project.

  • Templates & Worksheets

    Get a personal finance sheet, business and financial plan templates, worksheets, and guides. Tick your checklist, as you confidently progress with your future move to France.

Support to plan your business in France

Working on your own on a project involving a move to a new country and freelancing can be overwhelming. Especially if you are currently working or looking after your family. Time flies and your project seems to be stuck.

My French Business is a mixture of an online course and personalised coaching to help you steadily build your project. Let yourself be guided and see progress on a weekly basis.

My French Business Course is a step-by-step guide to help you structure and prepare your future business in France. Turn your idea into a strong business plan, check the French regulations, choose a legal structure that makes sense, create a financial plan and finally understand French taxes.

With My French Business course, you will go from feeling lost and frustrated with the French system, to being confident about choosing the right setup for you, understanding your business taxes, while having a clear path to follow up to your business registration.

By the end of this course, you will have a structured business plan ready for your business visa or carte de sejour application

You'll also feel assertive and optimistic about how to set up and run your business once in France. Giving you peace of mind for a fresh start.  


Course curriculum

    1. Vision & Objectives

    2. How to use this course

    3. 1-to-1 meeting & Facebook Group

    4. BONUS : Retro Planning + Checklist

    1. Different ways to find a business idea

    2. Workbook + 💯 business ideas

    1. 6 steps reality check

    2. PDF list of regulated activities

    3. Bonus - Personal Budget Sheet

    1. Business Overview

    2. Market Analysis

    3. Your Ideal Customer

    4. Your Product & Services

    5. Your Strategy

    6. Business Structure

    7. Download your business plan template

    1. Overview : Start here!

    2. Summary of all legal structures

    3. Micro Entrepreneur

    4. Entreprise Individuelle

    5. EURL /& SARL

    6. SASU & SAS

    1. Financial plan - Part 1

    2. Financial plan - Part 2

    3. Financial plan Example with template

    4. Financial Plan template

About this course

  • 3 x €232,00
  • 38 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content

Who is it for?

My French Business 1-to-1 if for you if:

  • You plan to move in France in 2024 and plan to freelance.

  • You're a non-European citizen & need to apply for a business visa or carte de sejour.

  • You're ready to put the hours to work on your project & want external input to strengthen it.

  • You want to know about tthe french system, taxes & legal system to make decisions.

  • You're ready to commit to this project for 4 months.

Pricing options

Self-Tuition or 1-to-1 Coaching.

About this instructor

Valerie Aston

Valerie is a business advisor specialised in small businesses in France. She worked as a business advisor to French entrepreneurs for 10 years, helping them work on their business and financial plans to secure bank loans and successfully launch their businesses. From one-to-one coaching to group training she helped build hundreds of business plans. Since 2009, Valerie has been helping English speakers create and develop their business In France, so they could concentrate on running their activity and enjoy their new French lifestyle.


  • How long does the course last?

    All students benefit from unlimited access to My French Business course. One-to-one coaching students also get a call with Valerie every 2 weeks for 4 months.

  • I'm not 100% sure about my business idea, can this work?

    Yes. Module 2 of My French Business is all about finding the right idea, brainstorming, and deciding which one you're most excited about. You will also get a PDF with 100 business ideas based other expats running a business in France.

  • I'm moving to France in 6 to 12 months, can I take the course now?

    It's always good to plan ahead, especially if you need to apply for a business carte de sejour or visa. My French Business explains how the French system works and will help you build your project.

  • What's included in the 1-to-1 coaching package?

    With the 1-to-1 coaching package, you'll have weekly Zoom calls with Valerie to discuss your build your project. Together you will steadily build your business plan, financial plan, business visa or carte de sejour application. You'll get personalised feedback on a weekly basis for 3 months. Sometimes it will be 30 min to touch base and keep you accountable; Sometimes it might be an intensive work session. It's 100% tailor to your needs.

  • Does it cover which visa or carte de sejour are required?

    Yes, there is a dedicated module of My French Business covering specific requirements for British citizens and non-European citizens wanting to create a business in France.

  • Can I pay over several months?

    Yes. You can pay over 3 months, whichever package you decide to go for: Self-Tuition or 1-to-1 coaching access. There is also a 30-days refund policy.

  • Do you have a confidentiality agreement?

    Yes. Each student joining the MFB Course signs a confidentiality agreement. Any information shared for the live calls or private Facebook group cannot be shared with someone outside the group. Valerie also commits to this rule.

  • Does it include a visa-application service?

    I'm afraid not. Your business plan and financial plan will be 2 key elements to include in your visa request. And we will cover the visa application process in Module 7, but My French Business doesn't include a visa application service (i.e. handled for you service).

  • I've never done a business or financial plan before. Will I manage this?

    Absolutely. My French Business has been designed for first-time entrepreneurs with no experience in financial planning, as well as experienced ones. For 1-to-1 coaching students, I will take over this process and we will build your financial plan over our weekly calls.


My French Business course has been designed to make you move forward with your project. With MFB you will:

  • Turn your idea into a business plan.

  • Ensure your project meets French rules.

  • Get a simple business plan and financial plan template.

  • Understand how French taxes work for your business.

  • Prepare for your visa/CDS application

  • Make informed decisions to move your project forward.